Amy finds joy in painting through exploration, play, and experimentation. She uses her intuition to lay down line, color, texture, and shape, adding and subtracting any of those elements until something appears that captures her interest. She will begin to develop the emerging image in relationship to the background, using sensitivity to explore what the image needs to “be happy” in its environment. If the dance is successful, the image stays. If not, exploration resumes. For Amy, the “failure” of an image is another important layer, helping to create atmosphere for whatever new image comes along. Sometimes, she will “impose” an image on an abstract underpainting, but again, the image only stays if it integrates successfully with its surroundings. The relationship between image and background is very important as it helps her explore the ideas of being seen, worthiness, belonging, and individuality. Amy is constantly using her art to challenge what successful integration looks like for her. Color is the vitality that expresses the beauty of the scene that comes to life in each of her works.

Amy, a native of Ohio in the United States, found her art life while living in San Diego, California. Her undergraduate work in Zoology at Michigan State University, her training in painting and drawing through the Art Academy of San Diego, and her studies in Expressive Arts Therapy at the Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego combine to fuel her dynamic explorations of the natural world. Amy currently lives in the northern region of Asturias, Spain. She continues to develop as a painter and draftsman at La Barba Blanca in Gijón. Adding to her various group and solo exhibitions in the US, Amy has begun exhibiting in group shows in Spain while preparing for her first solo show in Gijón set for April 2021 through Fundación Alvargonzález.