My primary choice in art making is abstract painting with acrylic and mixed media elements. I typically begin a painting by creating texture, exploring color, and playing with line selected strictly by what attracts me at that moment. Additions and subtractions of paint and other materials follow as I feel compelled. Because of my attraction to organic shapes and living things, most of my work is inspired by nature. While I lean toward animal images, I also explore landscapes, the human figure, and purely abstract forms as well. Since the birth of my daughter, childlike images have emerged. I let the painting decide what it wants to be.

Painting helps me make peace with the human condition. I learn to live in the unknown, accept frustrations, and relinquish control. At the same time, staying actively engaged with the materials and images, I’m granted surprises: unexpected resolutions to painting problems that surpass anything pre-planned or controlled. Living through this process in the microcosm of painting makes it easier for me to see the same process at work in my daily life. I can navigate a daily challenge like I navigate a painting. The unknown is acceptable and if I stick with it long enough, there will always be a solution.